Changing source without stopping pipeline

superlou superlou at
Wed Nov 2 18:04:44 PDT 2011

>> 0:00:19.731523367 17149 0x7fcc00002290 WARN             videomixer2 
>> videomixer2.c:706:gst_videomixer2_fill_queues:<videomixer22:sink_0>
>> Buffer 
>> from the past, dropping

> Set is-live=true on videotestsrc. 

I tried this and it didn't seem to make any difference.  I can see in the
graph that the is-live property is set to true.

>> I'm also seeing a lot of Quality of Service messages: 
>> Source: ffmpegcsp3, Type: 16777216 

> Where does this message come from, try to print it with correct details 
> (Type: 16777216is not helpful). 

Sorry, is there a standard format for getting the details?  From what I
could tell, the only info in a message is the source, type, timestamp, and
Structure.  I found that even before I try switching out the webcam source,
I'm receiving QoS messages:

(18446744073709551615) Source: videomixer20, Type: 16777216, Structure:
(18446744073709551615) Source: videomixer21, Type: 16777216, Structure:

After I execute the swap, the messages are:

(18446744073709551615) Source: ffmpegcsp3, Type: 16777216, Structure:

The elements are shown here:


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