Get v4l2src width and height before pipeline runs?

wally_bkg wb666greene at
Fri Nov 4 14:37:25 PDT 2011

Stefan Sauer wrote:
> Have you noticed gst-plugins-bad/tools/gst-element-maker? Also another
> way is to e.g. just git clone gst-plugin-bad, create a dir for your
> plugin, copy the code for an existing similar enough plugin there and
> rename things. In addition, you can also just have a local element in
> your application, its just a gobject like any other + one call to
> register it to gstreamer.
> IMHO thats a lot less trouble than dealing with appsrc and appsink.
> Stefan

I haven't looked at (or downloaded) the source for gst-plugins-bad,  as I
said I had trouble downloading the plugin template as git protocol is
blocked here.  I did evaluate doing it as a plug in on Ubuntu 8.04 when I
first started since there was no appsrc/appsink on that system.

I didn't find appsrc/appsink to be any trouble at all, as my entire
binocular image processing application using it was only like 950 lines
including comments (ignoring code in function call to the actual image
processing).  Its mostly gstreamer boilerplate to setup the pipelines which
I'd still have to do if I had the image processing in a plugin.  The biggest
issue was working around the v4l2src/v4l2 bugs across the different capture
hardware we have, and stumbling around in the dark to find settings for
adequate quality in ffenc_mpeg4.

I'm not sure the gstreamer developers realize just how powerful the
appsink/appsrc model is for using gstreamer as a front end to get a media
frame and then again as a back end to view and encode a modified frame.

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