[regression] refactor ebml-write to be more 0.11 friendly

René Stadler rene.stadler at collabora.co.uk
Mon Nov 7 03:04:56 PST 2011

Am 05.11.2011 19:04, schrieb Alexey Fisher:
> Hi René,
> i have regression after:
> commit 1b213d905ac2b9a1e015be6daf0dfeb92294154c
> Author: René Stadler <rene.stadler at collabora.co.uk>
> Date: Mon Oct 10 15:36:14 2011 +0200


thanks for the report. I just fixed it:

commit 2a139a28d9bf7be1e36876e9dab0cb35f6d31ca7

     matroskamux: fix regression causing malformed files

     This was caused by me in 1b213d. It seems I was too focused on
     0.11 when I did this and tested the wrong branch.

     The problem was reported by Alexey Fisher.


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