Sink for sending data via librsync-lib

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Tue Nov 8 07:25:17 PST 2011

Le mardi 08 novembre 2011 à 10:05 +0100, Eugen Funk a écrit :

> Hello Nicolas,
> thank you for the advise.
> Could you explain shortly what this part does?:
> fd=4 4>&1 1>&2

I write to file descriptor (fd) 4, redirect stdout to stderr (1>&2) et
redirect fd 4 to stdout (4>&1). This prevent corruption by standard
ouput. I don't pretend this is a clean solution, also you most likely
want a queue2 to deal with connecion speed change.

> I was thinkig to use librsync, because the connection between the
> server and the client is quite unstable.
> Rsync has the ability to check which part of the file has been
> transfered correctly (hierarchical checksums) and retransfers the
> required part again.

As said, rsync only works if you store the file to your local disk
first, which already works in GStreamer. Honestly  I thought that you
mean connection speed is unstable, but if you loose connection, that is
something else.

good luck,

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