DM36x TIAudenc1 missing codec_data

Paul Stuart paul_stuart at
Tue Nov 8 14:08:18 PST 2011

 After digging into why I can not pipe the output of TIAudenc1 into the 
avimux element, I found that the internal implementation of TIAudenc1 is 
not packetizing the output into "codec_data" in the caps structure, per 
this little snippet:

"Some data streams (like h264, mpeg4, aac), require the generation of 
the "codec_data" buffer to be passed off band (in the caps of the sink 
pad), in order to be properly muxed into container formats like mp4 or 

Since muxing encoded audio into an avi along with one's H.264 video is 
fundamental to making "talkies", I'm wondering if I have just selected 
the wrong element for audio encoding element or muxer on the DM36x? I 
can't be the first person needing to do this.

Before I dive into changing TIAudenc1 to be "mux-able" I just want to 
make sure I'm not missing some easier option.


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