how to use typefind

Michael Smith msmith at
Wed Nov 9 09:22:40 PST 2011

Yes, you can search for compatible elements - that's what
decodebin/decodebin2 do, for example. You might want to read the
source to those, even if there's some strange reason you have for not
wanting to directly use one of them.


On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 2:03 AM, David Walker <dwalker0044 at> wrote:
> Perhaps a stupid question, but I've got a filesrc connected to a typefind
> element. On the "have-type" signal I print out the capibilities:
> "Media type video/mpeg, systemstream=(boolean)false, mpegversion=(int)4,
> parsed=(boolean)false found, probability 79%"
> But what can I do with this information? Can I search for compatible
> elements or do I have to process this manually? How do I decide what the
> next element in the pipeline should be?
> Thanks
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