Decoder behaviour model

Siber marchenkovadim at
Thu Nov 10 01:47:03 PST 2011

   Hello everybody!
I'm trying to understand what should my component do in following cases. If
I made any mistakes in following explanation, please let me know. 
   1. I have a pipeline: filesrc -> mydecoder -> sink. Filesrc is working in
push mode. What should my decoder do if it get more than one encoded frame?
Whether I should parse the whole buffer received from filesrc and then while
I have frames I should call method gst_pad_push (mydecoder->srcpad,
new_frame_buf); to let frames "go further"?
   2. And what should I do if I get not enough data for decoding only one
   3. Whether I have to implement pull mode in my decoder?
   Thank you!

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