EOS identification

chandu chandrakala.madhira at incubesol.com
Fri Nov 25 04:24:49 PST 2011

Thanks vmjl,

i have written event handler on source pad instead of sink pad. because of this i was not able to get EOS. right now the problem is resolved.

Thank you,

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> Hi,
> I hava a doubt in identifying EOS.
> I have allocated memory(for internal usage and adaptor buffer) for my dummy
> plugin in one of the init function. I wanted to free the memory after
> processing the complete stream. iam using push based scheduling to transfer
> the data. for this i have written an event handler function on sink pad. but
> this function is not called. how can i identify EOS event and free the
> memory allocated.
The events handler should do it


Remember to use gst_pad_set_event_function () for assign the function.

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