AW: AW: V0.10.7 Windows dshowaudiosrc does not work

Matthias Dodt MDodt at
Fri Nov 25 07:14:18 PST 2011


There was a patch a while ago - just download the attachment of the mail:

I don't understand why it hasn't been applied- so just recompile with these sources. Also be aware that the device-name="..." only works if you use the first 31 characters of the device name!




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Where do I get the newer version from? 

The file svn/  trunk/ Main/ GStreamer/ Source/ gst-plugins-bad/ sys/
dshowsrcwrapper/ gstdshowaudiosrc.cpp 	
was last modified on 6th July 2010. What files are changed as the code seems up to date and compiles without any errors as well.

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