tcpserversrc and ssh, strange "administratively prohibited"

Ole Hellqvist ole.hellqvist at
Sun Dec 2 11:37:02 PST 2012

doing a "gst-launch tcpserversrc port=2343 ! wavparse ! audioconvert !
autoaudiosink" works fine when connected with a "nc 2343 <
servermusic.wav" from same host.
But when trying from an other host by ssh, "ssh -f  -L 2343:serverhost:2343
serverhost -N"  (this will start the ssh tunnel from the "client" side ), I
get the ssh message  "administratively prohibited" on the client host when
make a "nc 2343 < clientmusic.wav"
However I found a workaround: starting a "nc -l 2343 | nc 2344"
on the server side  and "gst-launch tcpserversrc port=2344 ! wavparse !
audioconvert ! autoaudiosink"
make evertyhing work. Why does ssh accept nc but not tcpserversrc?
One other observation, The client side gives the same error message when
nothing is connected in the other end of the ssh tunnel.

Plugin Details:
  Name:                 tcp
  Description:          transfer data over the network via TCP
  Filename:             /usr/local/lib/gstreamer-0.10/
  Version:              0.10.35

uname -rsp:
OpenBSD 5.2 amd64

regards /Ole
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