Adaptive HTTP Live Stream

Krzysztof Konopko krzysztof.konopko at
Mon Dec 3 01:21:29 PST 2012

Hi Denis,

Implementing any ABS protocol is not a trivial task. Some work has been
done in GStreamer. Have a look at the hlsdemux element. It will create
multiple source pads I believe (according to gst-inspect-1.0).

Some questions on this topic have been already asked/answered on this
mailing list.

I'm not competent to asnwer your questions in more detail, but here's
what I'd do in the first place:


On 03/12/12 08:09, Denis Green wrote:
> Hi,
> My question is how to implement adaptive live streaming with GStreamer?
> For HTML5 video tag.
> For instance some ideas:
> 1. set-up multiple pipelines to create multi-bitrate content?
> 2. use a Tee to split video to different encoders from source?
> But...
> How many sockets will be opened from the player?
> How to switch between pipelines?
> Any help appreciated,
> Denis
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