Query regarding implementation of Sink element.

Raja Bose C Raja.Bose at realimage.com
Sun Dec 2 23:37:42 PST 2012

I got struck with the implementation while writing a sink element, I have a customized queue in sink element to hold the Gstbuffers from the upstream elements, I also span a playback thread which will harvest the Gstbuffers from the customized queue in sink element. Now once I get an EOS from upstream elements, I need to wait until all the Gstbuffers in my customized queue in sink to get harvested from the playback thread. If I infinitely wait in GstBaseSinkClass::event(...) then until all GstBuffers are harvested I won't be able to pause or stop during that time. I don't know how to gracefully achieve this in GStreamer, because from the application I get the EOS event in gst_bus_timed_pop_filtered(...), after which I need to wait for play thread in Sink element to complete (completely harvesting all the GstBuffers in customized queue) and then stop the pipeline.

Is there any mechanism to get the rendering status from the sink element? Or
I need to override the entire rendering thread using GstBasesinkclass::activate_pull(...)

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