DecklinkSink and Caps

Johan Peerbolte jpeerbolte at
Mon Dec 3 02:39:47 PST 2012

Hello all,

I have a pipeline  :

"gst-launch rtspsrc name=src timeout=1 buffer-mode=1 latency=9000
protocols=GST_RTSP_LOWER_TRANS_TCP location=%s ! queue ! gstrtpbin
latency=250 "
"! queue min-threshold-time=500000  ! rtph264depay  ! ffdec_h264 !
 interlace top-field-first=true field-pattern=1 ! videoscale
add-borders=false  ! videorate ! ffmpegcolorspace !  video/x-raw-yuv,
framerate=25/1,format=(fourcc)UYVY ! decklinksink name=sink mode=2"

This play rtsp and output of decklink sdi card, the decklinksink plugin
take only UYVY.
For this i have added caps at the end "video/x-raw-yuv,

I want to create a little binary to do the same work, but i have problem,
maybe with caps

I use this : "
  GstCaps *filtercaps = gst_caps_new_simple ("video/x-raw-yuv",
"framerate", GST_TYPE_FRACTION, 25, 1, "format", G_TYPE_STRING,
"(fourcc)UYVY", NULL);
  g_object_set (G_OBJECT (filter), "caps", filtercaps, NULL);

  gboolean link_ok = gst_element_link_filtered(colorsp,sink,filtercaps);
  gst_caps_unref (filtercaps);

i have attached sources

the ouptut of GST_DEBUG=2 ./mybinary rtsp://server/app/file.mp4

** (mybinary:20272): WARNING **: Failed to link caps!
Now playing: rtsp://

A new pad recv_rtp_src_0_1866764401_96 was created
application/x-rtpon the pad
A new pad recv_rtp_src_1_1773709704_97 was created

application/x-rtp0:00:07.569209168 20272      0x15af050 WARN
  rtspsrc gstrtspsrc.c:4184:gst_rtspsrc_loop:<rtspsrc0> error: Internal
data flow error.
0:00:07.569229090 20272      0x15af050 WARN                 rtspsrc
gstrtspsrc.c:4184:gst_rtspsrc_loop:<rtspsrc0> error: streaming task paused,
reason not-linked (-1)
Error: Internal data flow error.
Returned, stopping playback
0:00:07.570128028 20272      0x15af050 WARN                 rtspsrc
gstrtspsrc.c:4591:gst_rtspsrc_try_send:<rtspsrc0> receive interrupted
0:00:07.570145785 20272      0x15af050 WARN                 rtspsrc
gstrtspsrc.c:6406:gst_rtspsrc_pause:<rtspsrc0> PAUSE interrupted
0:00:07.582227357 20272      0x15af050 WARN                 rtspsrc
gstrtspsrc.c:4589:gst_rtspsrc_try_send:<rtspsrc0> error: Could not receive
message. (Parse error)
0:00:07.582267763 20272      0x15af050 WARN                 rtspsrc
gstrtspsrc.c:5885:gst_rtspsrc_close:<rtspsrc0> error: Could not send
message. (Parse error)
Deleting pipeline


i think i made a mistake about caps, maybe one person have advice :-)
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