Appsrc plugin is not registered on embedded platform

Tarek El-Sherbiny tarek.elsherbiny at
Wed Dec 5 06:15:40 PST 2012


I'm using gstreamer on i.MX6Q embedded platform with ARM processor. I have
managed to install everything without any errors. Gstreamer command line
and C program runs and plays video without problem either. However when I
tried to use appsrc plugin to inject buffer into the pipeline:
app->src = (GstAppSrc*)gst_element_factory_make("appsrc", "mysrc");
returns NULL.
When I did #gst-inspect  appsrc I've got this:
No such element or plugin 'appsrc'

I think the required libraries are installed in the correct locations:

Is there anyway to force the registration of this plug-in?

Best Regards,
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