glibc detected double free or corruption! "Embedded System"

Tarek El-Sherbiny tarek.elsherbiny at
Fri Dec 7 06:49:43 PST 2012


My platform is Freescale i.MX6 with ARM processor. I'm using Gstreamer to
play live mpeg video received from IP camera. I'm using appsrc element to
inject video packets into the decoder. However decoder element was unable
to recognize the stream type on it's own so I had to insert a typefind
element between appsrc and vdecoder.
This is the GST pipeline I've constructed:
app-source -> typefinder -> vdecoder -> v4lsink-sink

>From my debugging appsrc and typefinder are working fine. Typefinder can
recognize the stream after pushing few packets and attempt to connect to
I'm printing the following message from type found callback:
"Media type video/mpeg, systemstream=(boolean)false, mpegversion=(int)4,
parsed=(boolean)false found, probability 40%"

Then the application dies after outputting this error message:
*** glibc detected *** /home/root/console: double free or corruption
(!prev): 0x3358d0f0 ***

Can someone please give some guidance on how to debug this problem?

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