Gstreamer and windows

David Hoyt dhoyt at
Mon Dec 10 11:10:37 PST 2012

> gst_init() hangs in a windows-based app (using win32 API or wxWidgets);

Did you build this yourself? Are you using cerbero? As a first step, be sure and delete your registry file from your home directory (C:\Users\<username>\.gstreamer-0.10(or .gstreamer-1.0)\registry.<architecture>.bin and re-run.

> Is gstreamer meant to only work with GTK?

Nope -- there's a wide variety of toolkits, platforms, and frameworks that can make use of GStreamer. Off the top of my head, SDL, Java (Swing, SWT, etc.), .NET (WPF, WinForms, etc.), GTK, some browsers (e.g. Opera) can use it for HTML 5 video rendering, and there's many more. It has zero dependencies on GTK -- there are some shared dependencies such as glib, but that's it. 

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