How to handle disconnecting the headphones?

Ralph ralph.gucwa at
Tue Dec 11 03:09:30 PST 2012

I'm writing a C# WPF application using GStreamer 0.10.35 (OSSBuild-vs2010
2012.06.15 with .NET4 C# bindings).

I'm using gnonlin and my pipeline contains two chains: one for audio and the
other for video.
On my machine when I disconnect the headphones while playing the pipeline,
the playback pauses for a second and continues playing.  On another machine
with a different sound card disconnecting the headphones causes the
application to freeze.  Some *idiot* wrote sound card drivers in such a way
that the audio device becomes disabled when the headphones are disconnected.

When looking at GStreamer logs I can see the following warnings:

0:00:22.761000000  7120   0B3C2EF8 WARN            waveformsink
gst_waveform_sink_write: Error writting buffer to the device => The wave
header was not prepared.  Use the Prepare function to prepare the header,
and then try again.

0:00:22.761000000  7120   0B3C2EF8 WARN            waveformsink
gst_waveform_sink_write: Error preparing header => There is no driver
installed on your system.

What can I do in such situations?  How to make the pipeline continue
playback even if the headphones are disconnected?

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