full dublex RTP on both end of pipeline

tommi roth roth.tommi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 04:24:17 PST 2012


A few questions related to pipeline where there are full dublex RTP Bin on
both end.

A <----> RTP ----> my_media_handler_bin  ----> RTP <------>  B
         ^                                     |
         |                                     |                  |
         ----------  my_media_handler_bin ------

Are there any examples available about this kind of pipeline where there
are full dublex RTP on both end?

Is it possible to set same SSRC for outgoing (B) stream than is in incoming
(A) stream? (Somewhere I saw that RTP bin is generating SSRC but it is
possible set own value?)

There are cases where number of RTP streams are bundled together. Is there
any demuxer/muxer element available which can demux  streams (based on

How about RTCP transparency in this kind of pipeline. Some cases received
RTCP should be just go through  from A to B.

Thanks in advance for helping me in my first steps on world Gstreamer and

Thanks & Regards,
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