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Dinesh Kumar dineshkpadmanaban at
Thu Dec 13 22:02:44 PST 2012


I am extending the current hls design to have an queue2 in the pipeline

I am trying to acheive this by creating a new bin element, which has
hlsdemux and queue2. This bin element should be autopluggable.
Hlsdemux src is linked with queue2 sink and forming a new bin element.

Seek works fine, when there is no queue2 in the pipeline.

The moment i introduced the queue2, when i issue seek to 60s, the first
frame appears. Then waits for 60s to start the playback.

I think, when there is no queue2 all the events pushed in the hls src are
received properly by decodebin2.

When queue2 is introduced, all the events are consumed by queue2 and it is
not reaching decodebin2.

Can you please tell me how to transfer the events received by queue2 to the

Dinesh P
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