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2012/12/14 Kyrylo V Polezhaiev <polezhaiev at>:
> Their SDK also uses Windows SDK with weird version of  CRT, etc.
> I do not recommend to use that staff.

There is no weird stuff about the CRT, we are using the system one,
which happens to be the only one available in all Windows versions
and the only one that you can use with the GPL. Copy pasting what I
wrote in a different thread:

All this CRT thing is a big mess from Windows since each VisualStudio
version provides its own CRT, different from the system one which is
the one used for drivers development and provided with the Windows
Driver Kit.

The CRT's provided with Visual Studio are not part of the system and
you need to redistribute them with your application. And that's a big
issue with the GPL license (see
"[...] the GPL says that libraries can only qualify as System
Libraries as long as they're not distributed with the program

So in theory you can only link against msvcrt.dll, which is a system
library that you don't need to distribute with your application.

The big issue with mixing CRT's is that you can't open a Handle/FD
from one and close it with a different one or allocate objects  from
one CRT and free them with a different one. But that shouldn't happen
unless you are doing weird things. So if everything works you
shouldn't have to worry about mixing CRT's. Read this article from
Windows for more info:

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