Pause, Change Pids, and Play Again

Eric Montellese eric.montellese at
Wed Dec 19 11:40:44 PST 2012

Hi folks,

While playing a MPTS stream, I'm trying to pause, swap pids, and start
playing again.  However, when I attempt to do this, the call to
gst_element_set_state(pipeline, GST_STATE_PLAYING) is (usually) not being
honored (and a subsequent call to get_state() does not return).  I believe
that this is likely due to a prerolling issue, but I am unsure how to
resolve it.  The source element is "filesrc," followed by "typefind," but
the rest of the elements are custom plugins.  I said "usually" above,
because on some occasions, playback will resume after a bit of a delay.

Here's the order of my attempted steps (error checking hidden for simpler
readability, and calls in-lined):

gst_element_set_state(pipeline, GST_STATE_PAUSED);
gst_element_get_state(pipeline, NULL, NULL, GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE);

//<begin code called within the demux element>
//flush upstream and downstream.  (I have also tried only flushing
down-stream as well, with no change in behavior)
gst_pad_push_event (GST_PAD(demux->sink_pad), gst_event_new_flush_start ());
gst_pad_push_event (GST_PAD(demux->aud_src_pad), gst_event_new_flush_start
gst_pad_push_event (GST_PAD(demux->vid_src_pad), gst_event_new_flush_start

//internally, this modifies the demux filters  (the audio and video codecs
are the same)
reconfigure_filter(demux, demux->filter[FILTER_AUDIO], 0x17dd);
reconfigure_filter(demux, demux->filter[FILTER_VIDEO], 0x17dc);

gst_pad_push_event (GST_PAD(demux->sink_pad), gst_event_new_flush_stop ());
gst_pad_push_event (GST_PAD(demux->aud_src_pad), gst_event_new_flush_stop
gst_pad_push_event (GST_PAD(demux->vid_src_pad), gst_event_new_flush_stop

//internally, this sets the pcr pid
demux_ts_set_pcr_pid(demux, 0x17dc));

//internally, set the demux into the playing state
demux_set_state(smd_element->dev_handle, ISMD_DEV_STATE_PLAY))

//</end code called within the demux element>

gst_element_set_state(pipeline, GST_STATE_PLAYING);
gst_element_get_state(pipeline, NULL, NULL, GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE);

As I mentioned, that "get_state()" call never returns and I never see the
GST_STATE_PLAYING event in ANY of the custom elements (all of the elements
are custom except for 'filesrc' and 'typefind')

For reference, the pipeline looks like this:

                          |->asink (an audio decoder and sink element)

So what's going on?  This does not appear to be a problem with the
internals of the custom elements, but rather an issue with not making the
gstreamer framework happy.

If I turn on lots and lots of debug prints, I will sometimes see an INFO
print from the filesrc element saying "wrong-state" , but I also do not see
this print reliably.

here's the print:
0:00:00.906761967  2292  0x8187428 INFO                 basesrc
gstbasesrc.c:2519:gst_base_src_loop:<source> pausing after gst_pad_push() =

I have also tried adding a 2-second delay between each of the above calls,
to try and narrow down any race conditions, and that *reliably* makes it
not play.  Which is good that it's reliable, but I haven't been able to
figure out yet why it isn't working.

Ideas on where to investigate are appreciated, as well as general advice
regarding flushing the pipeline from within a pipeline element.

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