gst-launch tab-completion!

David Röthlisberger david at
Mon Dec 24 07:13:47 PST 2012

On 24 Dec 2012, at 14:53, Matt Pekar wrote:
> On 19 Dec 2012, at 19:54, David Röthlisberger wrote:
> > Dear GStreamer devs & users, I have an early Christmas present for you:
> > A bash tab-completion script for gst-inspect and gst-launch.

> Thanks David!  It loads fine now and I've tested a few simple pipelines with it.  The only unusual thing I've noticed so far is if I pipe a caps with video/x-raw-<tab> it doesn't pick up any of those options.  Otherwise seems very smooth!

Thanks for the feedback!

Currently the caps offered as completions are the ones printed by "gst-inspect typefindfunctions", which don't include video/x-raw*. I'll be working on more sophisticated caps completion over the next few weeks; though I think the completion script could be accepted upstream as it is now: the current functionality is useful in itself.

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