How to calculate round-trip-time(RTT) in gstreamer

Olivier Crête olivier.crete at
Sat Dec 29 11:44:35 PST 2012


On Fri, 2012-12-28 at 11:25 -0800, arpita banerjee wrote:
> How I can calculate round trip time in gstreamer?
> round-trip-time(RTT) = RR timestamp - LSR - DLSR
> Using gst_rtcp_packet_get_rb()  function I am getting LSR, DLSR values
> , but how I will get RR timestamp ?
> Should I use the current timestamp when Receiver Report(RR) is
> received? Which function should I use?

I assume you're talking about RTP, rtpbin already computes it for you.
Getting the stats out is really badly documented.. But you can check
print_source_stats() in this
 as a kind of example.

Olivier Crête
olivier.crete at

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