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Ceppo93 ceppofrancy at
Mon Dec 31 04:02:37 PST 2012

Hi all, I'm quite new in using gstreamer (1.0).
I'm writing a software in Python (but I understand examples in C) for audio
playback, the intention is to allow the user to create a custom pipeline by
inserting its entirety.
The point is that, since not all items are compatible with each other, I
need to check the connections that the user makes between the various
elements and see if they are valid.
I tried looking on the interent but without much success, I realized that
you have to go to the "GstCap" (capabilities) but are struggling on how to
understand that if two elements can be connected.
I was able, through GstElement.get_compatible_pad () to do half the work,
but the method does not consider if the pads are "sink" or "src" and this is
a problem since I can not do (decodebin -> file-source) while I do
(file-source -> decodebin).

(Sorry for my english but it is provided by Google Translate)

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