Dynamic pipelines: how to remove sinks?

Tal Liron tal.liron at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 13:07:58 PST 2012

On 12/31/2012 04:42 AM, Tim-Philipp Müller wrote:
>> I hope you can still answer my question about draining network sinks.
> I think I have answered this, was there a part I didn't answer? If yes,
> which one?

We we talking about removing sink elements from a playing pipeline. 
Sinks don't have outgoing src pads, so there's no way to detect when the 
EOS has passed through them. I asked if there were any consequences to 
this, and you said it might depend on the sink. Well, I am removing 
branches from a tee that have RTP/UDP sinks on them. Should I be 
concerned? Or should I only be concerned when dealing with file sinks?
>> Also, a new issue came up after some heavier testing: sometimes both
>> during adding and removing sinks dynamically, the pipeline changes
>> itself to PAUSES state! Why would it do this? What could be the cause?
>> What can I do to avoid it?
> to PAUSED state from which state?
The pipeline is always in PLAYING state. After a lot of adding/removing 
branches (with sinks) the state changes to PAUSED for no reason apparent 
to me.

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