gstreamer-devel Digest, Vol 23, Issue 96

jim hopper JAMES.E.HOPPER at
Mon Dec 31 13:10:28 PST 2012

I managed to get the latest version of qt-gstreamer to build on snow
leopard, but apps using it won't run.  I am getting a assert error in the
reference pointers when i attempt to play a video in the examples player

ASSERT: "ptr.m_class" in file
.../qt-gstreamer-0.10.2/src/QGst/Ui/../../QGlib/refpointer.h, line 333
Abort trap

I am using the frameworks from the gstreamer SDK website and i know they are
working as I can build c apps against them that work fine. the QT part of
the player app also appears to run fine.  In addition I am using gcc 4.2.

The following code from refpointer.h appears to be failing

template <class T>
RefPointer<T> RefPointer<T>::wrap(typename T::CType *nativePtr, bool
    RefPointer<T> ptr;
    if (nativePtr != NULL) {
        RefCountedObject *cppObj = WrapImpl<T>::wrap(nativePtr);
        ptr.m_class = dynamic_cast<T*>(cppObj);
    return ptr;

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