AW: Building QtGstreamer AUTOMOC4_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND - SOLVED!! - Wiki suggestions

Matthias Dodt MDodt at
Wed Feb 1 05:26:19 PST 2012

Hi George!

Yeehaww! I managed to compile it;-). 

- The libxml include error is an gstreamer/ossbuild error as described
in an older mail:

Basically it is sufficient to remove this #include from gstconfig.h.

- I used boost 1.48 which is incompatible with Qt <= 4.8.0 due to a MOC
Qt bugreport:

Still if i run cmake i get the output the find_package failed like
described in my last mail - but it compiles fine ;-)

I think it would be nice to have just 2 hint's for this specific
versions of ossbuild and boost on the wiki page. I know that it's not
related to your project but it would prevent people from running into
this time consuming compilation issues. 




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