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huzefa siyamwala huzefa.siyamwala at
Thu Jan 5 00:41:24 PST 2012

Hi all,
I am performing live streaming via gstreamer tcpserversink and tcpclientsrc.
Now as server side pipeline i have prepared plugin which is muxing raw h264
data in container format and streams it over network.
At client side, it get demux and its decoded by ffdec_h264 which is than
linked to autovideosink.
Now when pipeline is getting played, autovideo sink discards all frames
other than key frames with warning that buffer is too late.
I have debug by dumping data to filesink rather than directly playing and
it works fine.So there is no timestamp problem.
So am I missing some flag due to which my buffer gets delayed reaching
autovideosink or may be ffdec_h264 is making mine frame getting delayed due
to some flag not set.
Can please anyone help me out.
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