gst-python 0.10.6 windows binaries

Suzhou Swing suzhouswing at
Fri Jan 13 22:25:55 PST 2012

Dear people,

with GStreamer you have created a really cool piece of software that plays
many different sound formats. It is super-flexible and yet very easy to use
right from the start. So I would like to use it.
Under Linux everything works great. I use Python, gst-python and GStreamer.
However, my users don't know about Linux and need an executable for

After many searches I found a Windows binary for GStreamer 0.10.6
(GStreamer-WinBuilds-SDK-GPL-x86.msi) and a python wrapper for Gstreamer
0.10.10 ( They don't seem to work together,
do they? With my humble attempts I couldn't get them working.

So what I am trying now is to get two matching Windows binary versions of
GStreamer and gst-python.
I tried hard to compile gst-python-0.10.6 and gst-python-0.10.22 for
Windows, but without success so far.

Do you know of any other Windows binaries of GStreamer or gst-python?
Are you able to compile any of these for Windows? Could you tell me, which
toolchain you are using -- which packages in which versions do I need to
get GStreamer with Python running under Windows?

Maybe everything I need is in
But if there is a gst-python in there, how do I access it? Copy
some files from somewhere under c:/Program
Files/OSSBuild/GStreamer/v0.10.6/... to c:\Python26\... somewhere?

A thousand thanks for your help!

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