Opencv Onto Server side for Augmented reality

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Tue Jan 17 08:29:29 PST 2012

On 01/17/2012 12:53 PM, Wasim Karani wrote:
> Hi
> I have worked with opencv for quite long.
> I have created an application which is a kind of head detection thing
> for webcam input.
> What I wanted is to make it online.

gstreamer has all the components to run a rtsp stream serving the remote
webcam stream and run a pipeline on the server receiving the rtsp stream
and running opencv filters.

> But In order to do that we need to sen webcam Input of client to
> server side.
> To deal with this thing I looked at some RMTP server (Red5).

I don't know red5.


> I able to store video at server side.
> Now I can use Opencv  program to detect.
> But this solution will not be runtime.
> Opencv can take rtsp stream.
> What possible in Red5 is rtmp stream creation.
> Is their any way I can do it with red5
> Or 
> I do have to use GStreamer.
> Please Help...
> with regards
> Wasim
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