Overrun issue in Decodebin2/Multiqueue

Jayanth K.P kp.jayanth at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 03:23:48 PST 2012


I am Using DecodeBin2 to transmux a FLV file into a MPEG-TS.
Application is using "*autoplug-continue*" event to select the appropriate
and "*pad-added*" signal to link to sink pad of mpegTsMux.

During the transmuxing process, the Pipeline is getting stuck .
After enabling the gst debug(to level 5), we found that the pipeline is
getting stuck when the
Multiqueue is emitting either the underrun or overrun signal.

I had the following questions regarding the multiqueue/decodebin2 and

1.  Why does underrun and overrun happen in the multiqueue in this kind of
2.  What happens when underrun and overrun happens with respect to
decodebin2. ?
3.  What are properties (Like max-size-time, max-size-buffers,
max-size-bytes) of decodebin2 or multiqueue that can impact overrun or
underrun? .
4.  What should be done by the application when there is underrun or
overrun ?

Any help/pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.

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