How to get "min-percent" property of appsrc?

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Tue Mar 6 03:56:56 PST 2012

On Mon, 2012-03-05 at 20:21 -0800, ms wrote:
> I have read a document of appsrc. appsrc has "min-percent" property which is
> can read/write, but I don't know how to read/write this property of appsrc,
> please help me. Thank so much!

g_object_set (src, "min-percent", 5, NULL);

(note: careful when setting 64-bit integer values this way, best to
assign to a gint64/guint64 variable first and then pass that to

unsigned int val;
g_object_get (src, "min-percent", &val, NULL);


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