Can someone run this pipe through gst-editor please

art vanderhoff gstream at
Tue Mar 6 06:14:40 PST 2012

Hi Tim,

when I ran the gst-launch + debug level 3 it gave some really weird elements
like udpsrc. I was hoping to use the debug to assemble the correct elements
to run the pipeline as an app.

Basically this + the rawvideo thread are connected. I need to use ffmpeg to
decode an incoming rtsp stream (doing several archive operations so seems
like the best resource) and then pass one of the outputs to gsreamer from
processing via videomixer. 

The problem is I can not find a working combination of matching filters to
get from ffmpeg to gst with the least overhead. What would you suggest as a
good solution to get into the AYUV format from ffmpeg via a fifo. 

I searched for the yuv4mpeg / y4menc solution but found no tips on how it

Please any advice would be be greatly appreciated.


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