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Wed Mar 7 01:42:35 PST 2012


freezeimage is quite new element, so it's normal it's not present.
The problem with ">" is probably my fault - i forgot to end caps string with quotation marks, so just add " at the end, like this:

 multifilesrc location=graph.png caps="image/png,framerate=(fraction)25/1"

- you may also need to escape parentheses, so if the above line produces some error, try this:

 multifilesrc location=graph.png caps="image/png,framerate=\(fraction\)25/1"

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Datum: 07.3.2012 10:38:35

First solution returns me there's no "freezeimage" element;
Second one returns  me a ">", like an interactive terminal, nothing more. 
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there are two options:

A) use "freezeimage" element after pngdec,

B)  instead of

 filesrc location=graph.png

use multifilesrc with caps

 multifilesrc location=graph.png caps="image/png,framerate=(fraction)25/1

(of course change to your framerate)

Jan Spurny

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> P?edm?t: Re: Overlaying an image on a live stream
> Datum: 06.3.2012 20:15:23
> ----------------------------------------
> I modified the presented pipeline to overlay an image onto a video:
> gst-launch filesrc location=video.mpg ! decodebin2 ! videomixer name=mix !
> xvimagesink filesrc location=graph.png ! pngdec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! mix.
> but it stops always in the "prerolling moment" and if I press CTRL-C, it
> returns: 
> (gst-launch-0.10:3775): GStreamer-WARNING **: adding flushing pad 'sink_1'
> to running element 'mix', you need to use gst_pad_set_active(pad,TRUE)
> before adding it.
> Suggestions??
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