gst_send_event and gst_new_event_eos()

Rossana Guerra guerra.rossana at
Thu Mar 8 09:27:11 PST 2012

Hello Tim, the context is very straightforward, I need to stop playing a
video in order to fit certain schedulling issues/rules.
So as I said before, if I have a video1 which lasts 2 mins, but video2 is
scheduled to start at the next minute, I need to stop video1. I need it to
play just one minute.

This is the pipeline:

textoverlay ----- ffmpegcolor ---- videoscale --- autovideosink

                          decodebin2 ----queue
---audioconvert----audioresample---alsasink    // audio
(.avi)                  |
                          decodebin2 --- queue ---
textoverlay.video_sink     // video

filescr -----parse ------textoverlay.text_sink

I was intended to do it with gst_element_send_event(pipeline,
gst_event_new_eos()) and a 'trigger' [1]

gst_clock_new_single_shot_id, where the gst_clock_id_wait_async has a
callback function which calls [1].

But it doesn't work, I don't know if it's the best idea or the functions
are in wrong places.

Thanks for any suggestion.


2012/3/8 Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m at>

> On Thu, 2012-03-08 at 05:40 -0200, Rossana Guerra wrote:
> > Hello, I have video which lasts 2 minutes, I want it to finish at the
> > minute 1 (at the half of its duration).
> > What is the best way to do this? I send an event to the pipeline
> > (eos_event)
> > How I control the time to trigger the event to finish it?
> What's the context? What are you trying to do? What pipeline are you
> using?
> Cheers
> -Tim
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