gStreamer pipeline construction failure.

Robin Tucker r.tucker at
Tue Mar 13 07:41:39 PDT 2012


We've just started trying out gStreamer-Sharp to see if we can create 
pipelines with a view to writing a media player component for our C# 
software.  Some pipelines can be created, linked and run no problem, but 
others fail.      Anyway I have a repro-case below that fails to link from 
an avidemux element into an mpeg4 element programmatically, although it 
works on the command line.  Is there something really basic we're doing 
incorrectly here?

We also don't seem to be able to get logging up and running from the 
software either, although obviously the command-line displays it.  Is this 

Thanks for any help you can give.


using System.Windows.Forms;
using Gst;
using Gst.Interfaces;

namespace Test_gStreamer
    public partial class MainForm : Form

#region Private Variables

        // Pipeline.

        private Gst.Pipeline MyPipeline;

        // Elements.

        private Gst.Element MyFileSource, MyDemux, MyMpeg4, MyDrawSink;

        // Overlay adapter.

        private XOverlayAdapter MySinkAdapter;


        public MainForm()

            // Initialise gStreamer.


            // Create new pipeline.

            MyPipeline = new Gst.Pipeline();

            Pipeline pipeline = new Pipeline("pipeline");

            // Construct pipeline filescr -> avidemux -> mpeg4 -> 

            MyFileSource = ElementFactory.Make("filesrc", "filesrc");
            MyFileSource["location"] = "c:\\test.mp4";
            MyDemux = ElementFactory.Make("avidemux", "avidemux");
            MyMpeg4 = ElementFactory.Make("ffdec_mpeg4", "ffdec_mpeg4");
            MyDrawSink = ElementFactory.Make("directdrawsink", 

            // Output to our window.

            MySinkAdapter = new XOverlayAdapter(MyDrawSink.Handle);
            MySinkAdapter.XwindowId = (ulong)this.Handle;

            // Add and link pipeline.

            MyPipeline.Add(MyFileSource, MyDemux, MyMpeg4, MyDrawSink);

            if (!MyFileSource.Link(MyDemux))
                // Failed.

            if (!MyDemux.Link(MyMpeg4))
                // FAILS HERE

            if (!MyMpeg4.Link(MyDrawSink))
                // Failed.

            // Play video.


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