osxvideosink & pygtk

Alexander Horn alexnano at ucla.edu
Thu Mar 15 11:17:24 PDT 2012

Hello gst community,

gstreamer is lovely; we have a functioning client/server with unique  
transport based on ccnx.org

All is well in linux (xvimagesink)
All is *almost* well on OSX w/ same codebase & ximagesink... yet as  
we're showing four displays at once, I run out of shared memory and  
had to quadruple shared memory via sysctl -w for each of following:

and all works OK (well mostly OK, color is off (can be corrected)).

However, I would like to not require users to modify their system as  
such; and thus have been exploring glimagesink and osxvideosink.

glimagesink works, but does odd things (tiny/shrunken display) and  
I've not quite sorted that yet.

osxvideosink sounds promising, but I've reached my limit from being  
able to get the suggestion here  
(http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/gstreamer-devel/2011-April/031355.html), to work in any  

Thus I ask the group - what is best solution for a rather large video  
sink/window (exceeding default shared memory for normal x display) on  

furthermore, is osxvideosink compatible with pygtk as ximagesink is?

there were references to possible complete python example for  
assigning osxvideo ID by 'alessandro' / twi_ - if such a thing exists,  
would be lovely to post them for the community...

any ideas & feedback much appreciated



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