change the gstreamer element paramter dynamic

杨立明 yanglm488 at
Sun Mar 18 19:55:23 PDT 2012

Hi  everyone ! 
     I want to change the paramter of  x264enc or omx_h264enc  when this encoder  are encoding the video stream,but i find  after i set the pipeline state  to PLAYING , i can not set the x264enc paramter , later  i has changed the state of the pipe to  PAUSED .  so i want to know  if the pipeline is running ,  Can  i  change  paramter of the element in this pipeline?   For example   the paramter of bitrate and other paramter about rate control  in the  x264enc or omx_h264enc , the version of gstreamer is 0.10  ,x264 is 0.10.14  ,the omx is 0.10.35  .  And i find the GstController  . I have  try it ,failed too.I can not  understand the function of GstController in the Plugin Writer's Guide Chapter 15.  

Thanks very much!

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