change the gstreamer element parameter dynamic

liming.yang yanglm488 at
Sun Mar 18 22:20:36 PDT 2012

I   have  try  to  change  the  "bitrate"  when  the  pipeline  was  playing 
state.  the  x264enc  element  and omx_h264enc  cannot  be  changed . In 
the  output  of  " gst-inspect x264enc",  I  cannot  find  the "PLAYING". 
the  version  of  gstreamer  is  0.10  , x264  is  0.10.14  ,  omx  is 
0.10.35. the  day  before yesterday, I has changed the state of the pipe to 
PAUSED and change the parameter ,i failed too.  I  find the GstController  .
I have  try  it , failed  too.I  can  not   understand  the  function  of 
GstController  in the  Plugin Writer's Guide Chapter 15,i think it can
support dynamic parameters.

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