A little bug in mpeg4videoparse (plugins bad 0.10.23)

Matteo Pampolini matteo.pampolini at selexelsag.com
Mon Mar 19 09:28:09 PDT 2012

Hi all,

testing the new GStreamer release I found what it seems a little bug in 
mpeg4videoparse code.

In particular in source file gst-libs/gst/codecparsers/gstmpeg4parser.c 
at line 1017 a marker bit is expected, while ISO standard does not 
specify a marker bit at that stream position. This prevents the parser 
to go on and of course to get the rest of the information needed (width, 
height, etc.).

Just commenting that line fixes the problem, though a little after the 
parser complains on quantization matrix: at a first glance everything 
seems OK, but I'm not an expert on MPEG4 syntax, so I think a check is 
needed, that's why I preferred to write in the mailing list instead of 
directly committing the fix.

Many thanks for your attention,


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