Need some help on Direct3D video sink, please

Matteo Pampolini matteo.pampolini at
Mon Mar 19 09:57:44 PDT 2012

Hi everybody,

as a good practice I prefer to share as much information as possible, 
that's why I'm writing here for a question mainly directed to 
Tim-Phillip, at least I guess...

We are developing a video-surveillance Windows application based on 
GStreamer where we can have multiple windows each with many videos 
inside it, for a total of tenth of simultaneously running videos. After 
many performance tests we came to Direct3D  video sink before it was 
officially released (we started from Git development version) and we are 
very satisfied with it, though we noticed a very poor behavior when as 
an example we rescale the multiple videos window, graphics are so slow 
that they are quite unusable for a long time.

After many tests we found out that simply avoiding the registration of 
WndProcHook function fixes most of our issues, graphics is very 
responsive and everything is fine, no particular feature (at least for 
what we need) is missing. Moreover Direct3D swap chain is correctly 
managed even if gst_d3dvideosink_refresh is not directly called.

May you please explain us the reason for this implementation? We did not 
find anything similar for example in VLC Direct3D video output module.

Many thanks in advance for your kind support,


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