using freeframe effects in a gstreamer pipeline

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Thu Mar 22 02:14:51 PDT 2012

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 8:41 PM, Stefan Sauer <ensonic at>wrote:

> [...] Do the freeframe plugins as such built on linux and are they alredy
> packaged
> for major distributions? The project could also include a ffrend clone
> using the GStController framework. [...]

 I am afraid they are not entirely built on Linux, but they are Open Source
and multi platform. This is what the OS integration part of the sourceforge
page (

> FreeFrame plugins are distributed and used as compiled shared objects
> (.so) in Linux, as Bundles in Mac OS X and as Dynamic Link Libraries (.dll)
> in Windows.
> FreeFrame Plugins export a single function: plugMain<>.
> This is passed 3 values: a 32-bit function code, a 32-bit input value and a
> 32-bit instance identifier. It returns a 32-bit output value.
> The input values and output values have different types according to the
> function code. This may be implemented differently on different platforms
> in different languages, but the format of the values must be consistent.

They also don't come with any distribution I know.
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