problem in transcoding (ffenc_h263)

tom1 tom1.alter at
Thu Mar 22 01:27:25 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I have created a pipeline that act as a gateway between two nodes for
trans-coding data. My pipeline receives data from node 1 over RTP,
trans-code it (using decodebin and ffenc_h263) and send it to node 2 over
RTP. Actually my pipeline is changing the bit-rate of incoming RTP Stream by
trans-coding it.

My Pipeline is working fine, but i am facing the problem with output video
quality. On the start of the pipeline, video quality of output stream is
acceptable enough but it degrades with time. After two to three hours video
gets blurred. I have tweaked with various settings of H263 Encoder but did
not able to fix the problem.

Is anyone there who can suggest the reason of this behaviour? Any help would
be greatly appreciated.


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