gst-launch with a vga source.

mattes effemm at
Fri Mar 23 10:09:44 PDT 2012

>I have a video adaptor converting a signal from an old camera into a vga
>Can anyone tell me the correct way to address the vga port from gst-launch?
>It doesn't show up on the /dev/video<n> list.  There is only /dev/video0,
>which is my webcam.

Typically if you have something that produces a VGA signal (so you can plug it directly into
a monitor), you'll will need a vga capture card. If the capture card is supported under Linux
and the driver (kernel module) supports V4L2 you'll will see an additional /dev/videoX entry.
If uncertain contact the capture card manufacturer and ask for V4L2 support.

If you have an older camera it most likely will support NTSC. In this case you'll need
a capture card that supports  svideo/composite.  There is plenty support for that with Linux.

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