GSoC project: Waveform generation element

pecisk at pecisk at
Tue Mar 27 06:07:16 PDT 2012

Hi everyone!

My this summer project idea is to create waveform generation element
in C. I have few rudimentary ideas how this could happen and if anyone
has anything to add to this, please do so.

Currently when it's done in Jokosher it's just playing back file to
fakesink and then listening for level element messages. Also Pitivi
has it's own method of reading and storing waveforms. And buzztard as
I understands decode the audio in array using fdsink and mmap.

My idea is to create one unified Gstreamer element who would read
levels in C and who could be used by all three (and potentially other)
applications. It could have several optional features, like changeable
frequency of level reads and caching. One crazy idea is do the drawing
in C Cairo too, but that's probably overkill (and would require nice
set of features for developers to modify it according to their need).

Currently I keep going trough materials provided by Jeff Fortin. Also
I will try to understand what could be beneficial for Jokosher in this

Suggestions, cheers, criticism and pure denials welcome!


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