gstreamer-devel Digest, Vol 14, Issue 61

mattes effemm at
Tue Mar 27 09:22:57 PDT 2012

> ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstFileSrc:filesrc0: Resource
> not found.

this pretty much indicates that the file is not found. your path and/or name
is probably wrong (!Note Linux is case sensitive).

Use the following command line to verify
    ls -l /home/rajat/Documents/emptines.mp3

> I am using gstreamer on ubuntu version 11.10. While going through the same
> FAQ(s), I found another command which puzzled me.
> *Command*: "gst-launch filesrc location=thesong.mp3 ! mad !
> audioconvert ! audioresample
> ! osssink"
> I changed "*thesong.mp3*" with a local file named "*emptines.mp3*"
> But I keep getting this error:
> *Error:*Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
> ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstFileSrc:filesrc0: Resource
> not found.
> Additional debug info:
> gstfilesrc.c(1036): gst_file_src_start ():
> /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstFileSrc:filesrc0:
> No such file "emptines.mp3"
> Setting pipeline to NULL ...
> Freeing pipeline ...
> I replaced *osssink* with *alsasink*, *pulseaudiosink*, and
> *autoaudiosink*as I was asked to do last time, but I didn't get any
> result. Also like
> windows, I gave the path name of the file as "*
> /home/rajat/Documents/emptines.mp3*" as a variant to the command, but it
> didn't helped either. Can anyone please help.

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