writing a new source plugin

Pazzo Da Legare pazzodalegare at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 05:50:42 PDT 2012

Dear All,

I would like to write a new gstreamer source plugin to put in a
gstreamer pipeline a new type of data, say a metadata, calculated by
an algorithm which uses a live video stream as input and give as
output a stream of metadata.
Then I would like to put in sync the video stream and metadata, using
the timestamp of video and timetamp of metadata.

So I start reading a PWG (plugin writer's guide) and having a look a
some examples but I didn't find one example that fit my will. I start
inheriting from GstBaseSrc and now I'm trying to understand exactly
how to use functions that have to be written (could be written for my

In particular my src plugin receives calls (after get_caps, start,
is_seekable, negotiate, stop):

- [*do_seek] with seeking time segment start=0:00:00.000000000,
stop=99:99:99.999999999, last_stop=0:00:00.000000000,
duration=99:99:99.999999999, rate=1.000000, applied_rate=1.000000,
flags=0x00, time=0:00:00.000000000, accum=0:00:00.000000000

What should I do in my implementation, say I have a buffer of metadata
starting a time t1 and ending a time t2 ?

- [*create]: create called: offset -1, size 4096

why gstreamer (my sink? I'm using a fakesink) is asking for offset -1
and size 4096 (where it come from?); what should I implement/override
for BaseSrc, (*get_size function ?).

I forgot to say that I set my plugin through gst_base_src_set_format

Finally could you please indicate to example of BaseSrc derived plugin
to have a look at one for push and one for pull mode and eventually
indicate me other documentation in addition to what I found on
Gstreamer homepage?

Thank you for your patience,


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