GST system clock question

smaynard steve at
Fri Mar 30 13:26:50 PDT 2012

My project used to use 0.10.22 and assumed the system clock was always

We have recently updated to 0.10.35 and found that the default clock type is

We were able to leave our code alone on Linux by simply setting the
clock-type of the system clock to be GST_CLOCK_TYPE_REALTIME.  However, on
win32, it appears to still behave in a monotonic fashion. Is this expected? 
i.e. will we have to rewrite our code to work with a monotonic system clock
so that it operates properly on both Linux and Win32?


GstClock* gstSystemClk = gst_system_clock_obtain();
g_object_set(gstSystemClk, "clock-type", GST_CLOCK_TYPE_REALTIME, NULL);

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