playback at max rate

Zoltán Krajcsovics zulthank at
Thu May 10 07:15:10 PDT 2012


I am stuck on changing the framerate of the pipeline clock.

I have a pipeline, with a filesrc and a multifilesink. I have a custom
plugin, which searches through the stream, and lets only pictures
through, which meets some specification.

Obviously, I don't want to wait for the stream to play at normal rate,
since I am not watching it.

I have considered the following options:

1) videorate is not an option for me, because it drops frames, and
sometimes there are only 1-2 frames in the stream, that interests me.

2) I think
gst_clock_set_calibration ()

would do the job for me, but I could not find a way to get the
pipeline clock from my plugin.

3) Maybe, I had to create a clock from my plugin, and make the
pipeline use that.

4) I have considered writing a gst application - so far I have built
my pipeline from command line.

I wonder, if it is possible at all, to set the framerate from a plugin
(I have only seen examples of calculating the buffer timestamps, not
changing the framerate).

Or if there is a plugin, which could set the framerate for me.

Or the only reasonable solution here is to create a gst application.

Best regards,

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