Improving CI capabilities of dvbbasebin

Julian Scheel julian at
Sun May 20 03:55:58 PDT 2012

As more and more vendors provide CI modules that are detached from the actual tuners we should think about possibilities to support these CI systems with dvbbasebin. Usually a sec0 device seems to be used to pass the data to the ci.
Actually for a very basic support we would need some option to write the stream read from dvr device back into a sec0 device and finally read it back from there, before we further process it. Thinking of this I wonder if you would split this up into several modules? Or just handle it internally in dvbbasebin, just by setting a sec-device as property?

Actually splitting stuff up might allow more sophisticated options like remuxing multiple streams into one before passing to the CAM, so that multiple programs from different transponders can be descrambled at one go in the same CI.

What do you think how should this be handled? I am willing to contribute code for this, as far as my time allows. I just would like to ensure that I don't write code that will be rejected in the end.


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